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 everything you need to know for cod4 perks (3)

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everything you need to know for cod4 perks (3) Empty
PostSubject: everything you need to know for cod4 perks (3)   everything you need to know for cod4 perks (3) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 21, 2010 11:29 am

everything you need to know for cod4 perks (3) Cod4-perk-cond
Allows for extended sprinting time. Sprint time increased 200%. Great for combining with a ninja class, running around and knifing people in the back.

A great perk if you find no other use for Perk 3, sometimes you just need to sprint for that little longer bit of time…but you can’t, and sometimes you die because of it. This perk will fix all of that right up! Especially good for stealth classes to sprint across streets fast so no one will see you.
Available by default.

everything you need to know for cod4 perks (3) Cod4-perk-steadyaim
this gives some of those guns that just can’t quite do it at close quarters more than a chance. Makes hip-fire 35% more accurate, which is very, very helpful. It also indirectly makes long ranged fights easier from the hip. Range is how far your bullet can travel before it loses maximum damage and starts to decline in its damage, so if you fire out of range it will take more bullets to kill. But with steady aim, the fire will be more concentrated, so more bullets will hit the enemy target. This works well for assault classes, mainly. Thus SMG’s, Assault rifles, LMG’s, shotguns, and even mobile snipers are all legit. The great thing about steady aim is that it renews the greatness of hipfire. When looking down the sights, some of the screen gets covered up by the gun and the gun’s sights, and also it’s a TON harder to move. But with steady aim, you get full mobility with all of the firepower as before. Less accurate than aiming down sights? Yes, but it’s accurate enough for close quarters. Available by default.

everything you need to know for cod4 perks (3) Hipaccuracy

everything you need to know for cod4 perks (3) Cod4-perk-deepimpact

Normally, a machine gun has the power shoot through wooden floors, plaster walls, and even some fairly thick stone walls, but a weapon like an M4 does not. Or not as much. Use this perk to be able to shoot through walls with any weapon. Using this perk I advise shooting at walls and seeing if you get a white crosshair pop up indicating you hit someone, if it does, keep firing at the wall and you will kill the enemy without ever even seeing them. Note: Deep Impact does not add to bullet damage, it only lessens the damage penalty of a bullet that goes through a wall or other barrier.

Another great perk, I love this one for camp sniping. If there’s people hiding from you behind walls, then they’re screwed, there’s no place to hide. Great for any class really, you don’t have to worry about turning that corner and being at the mercy of the people camping around it. Especially great for LMG’s, spray a wall and watch the kill count go up, up, up.
This perk is available by default.

everything you need to know for cod4 perks (3) Cod4-perk-ironlungs
Increases the time a sniper can hold their breath while zoomed, to 8 heartbeats (200%) in-game. This should be every snipers favorite perk. (as oposed to the default 4 heartbeats).

Can only use for sniping, and even at that can only use when you are using the normal scope, as with the ACOG you don’t have to hold your breath. Normally you can hold your breath for four heartbeats, but with this perk you can hold for 8. I tend to find Deep Penetration more helpful than this perk. Usually this perk is only good if say, someone ducks behind a wall right before you shoot, so you stay steadied until they pop back out again. But with deep penetration you could just shoot straight through the wall. I don’t find this perk helpful in many situations, if I’m waiting for someone I just hold the scope close to around where they disappeared and I hold my breath for 3 heartbeats, let go, then hold again, let go…if you hold it for all 4 he spazzes out and you can’t hold again for like 10 seconds. Not advised by me, but many find it helpful, so if your personal preference suits it, then go right ahead.
Unlocked at Level 26, 2nd Lieutenant 1

everything you need to know for cod4 perks (3) Cod4-perk-silence
Makes you silent when you move. Perfect for stealth, but only in tactical or small games. For instance, let’s say you’re in a cage match. You don’t want them to camp for you and wait until they hear your footsteps and own you, so you just creep up behind them and get a free knife/headshot/challenge, and woohoo! So in small games its helpful, but also in tactical games like search and destroy. There’s not much action in this game type, so people are listening for sounds. But in big games like team deathmatch with respawns it’s mass slaughter and no one is listening for your footsteps unless they are camping at the top of a flight of stairs or something, in which this perk would benefit you less often than another Perk 3.
Unlocked at Level 44, Brigadier General 1
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everything you need to know for cod4 perks (3)
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