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 All Information about cod4 perks (1)

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PostSubject: All Information about cod4 perks (1)   All Information about cod4 perks (1) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 21, 2010 11:18 am

All Information about cod4 perks (1) Cod4-perk-c4
C4 is a perfect perk for objective game types such as Search and Destroy where you can set traps for your enemy, for faster paced games like Free For All, (Deathmatch) you can lead your target towards you and blow them up with well placed C4. Use your UAV for C4 kills.

Lay down the C4 and set it off whenever you deem necessary, big explosion will generate kills. Definitely a nice perk, C4 is dark colored and can really only be seen by the blinking light. So it's hard to see and is also remotely detonated. A lesser known trick: you don’t have to click the controller to detonate it. Press your reload button twice consecutively to set it off without the controller. Also, if a teammate has some claymores laid down, here’s a cool trick: put C4 next to their claymores, and when their claymores go off so will your C4, making a bigger explosion and possibly your C4 kill! This is great to put in the middle of a mob of people, wait till they’re right over it, and watch the corpses go flying. Also great for objective games: Put the C4 right beside the objective, and when someone is capturing or planting or whatever, set it off. Put it beside cars too for a bigger explosion radius!
C4 is available by default.

All Information about cod4 perks (1) Cod4-perk-3g
Gives the player two more of the special grenade of choice (Flash or Stun, no smoke. (Thanks to Grade Zero for the correction). In turn giving the player a maximum of 3 special grenades.

I don’t use special grenades much. Many however love special grenades, they render your opponent useless. Think about it: You start off, zero kills. You see an enemy. You chuck out a stun, it does some damage, they can’t turn around, line up for a headshot. Perform the same two more times, you have 3 headshots and a UAV, congratulations. This will work for any special grenade, except you’re not allowed to have three smokes (bummer…).
The Special Grenade x3 is available by default.

All Information about cod4 perks (1) Cod4-perk-rpg
Two rocket propelled grenades. This is great for taking down a helicopter obviously, but can also be used to clear a room of enemies. Just make sure you switch back to your primary weapon quickly!

When I first went prestige, I gave all of my classes RPG’s. If a chopper comes along, no worries. If you have a long range situation on your hands and you have an SMG, no worries. If someone’s hiding behind a wall, and your shotgun can’t penetrate it, no worries. If there’s a crowd of people and you just don’t have the ammo for all of them? No worries. A great perk, just don’t overuse it to the point where it’s all you use and people are calling you a noob. Also, look for cars! Makes a much bigger boom, easier to get kills that way. If someone is ducking behind a car, fire your RPG and laugh as their corpse goes flying in the air in the midst of twisted metal and broken glass. This is great for taking down choppers. If you don’t favor this class, but want to have an anti-chopper class, remember: The default demolitions class has an RPG in it, as well as sonic boom! So then you won’t have to give up your perk 1 for any of your custom classes.
The RPG x2 perk is available by default.

All Information about cod4 perks (1) Cod4-perk-claymore
These are great as a sniper, or a camper. If you go inside a building, make sure you put a claymore near the door, so that if someone decides to come in and take you out, they will die. Also, always make sure you place it so that others cannot see the red laser as well, because you can shoot claymores and destroy them easily if you spot them. Another tip is always set up your claymore for maximum area of effect damage.

They are set off when someone crosses in front of the tracer lights. Tracer lights emit from the front of them, making them possible to spot by the enemy, but if they don’t see them or if they’re sprinting, they’re screwed over. I’d recommend this for campers only, as they disappear when you die and they are stationary. The enemy does have time to sprint past it and out of the blast range, but let’s say you’re camping on the stairs above. You will hear the click and the boom, look for a kill, then you can get to a corner of the room and be ready for them when they come in. Good placement is at the top of stairs or right behind walls, don’t put them in the entrance to the doorway as they are easy to spot. Grass is also a good place for them. Even try putting them beside cars sometime, the explosion radius greatly increases, there’s no chance of escaping from a car explosion as well as a claymore explosion.
Claymore X 2 is available at level 23.
All Information about cod4 perks (1) Cod4-perk-grenade
This has to be the most annoying perk out of all of them! With this, if you are experienced as a grenade thrower, you are guaranteed at least a kill every time you spawn. Just remember to save them for when you see a bunch of red dots on the UAV. Then chuck all 3, and watch your name light up on the scoreboard.

Gives you 3 fragmentation grenades instead of the previous 1. If you are assaulting and you have reached the level to unlock this perk, and ammo isn’t a problem, this perk is great. You lost your first grenade? Don’t worry, you have two more. You want to randomly spam them and hope for a kill seeing as you find they have no purpose otherwise? You now have three more chances for that random kill, well done, mate. Probably not the best for a camping class, though. Look for cars and other explosives, they can increase your chance for a kill with their huge explosion radius.
The Frag x3 perk is unlocked at level 41 - Colonel 1

All Information about cod4 perks (1) Cod4-perk-band
Gives you up to three times more ammo. My favorite perk 1. I am constantly running out of ammo with assault rifles and SMG’s, the other three weapon types don’t have that problem. The M4 is my favorite gun but it tends to be spray-friendly, so this perk fixes it right up. I would recommend this for SMG’s and Assault rifles only though, as snipers, shotguns, and LMG’s come with plenty at the start.

The Bandolier perk is unlocked at Level 32, Captain 1.

All Information about cod4 perks (1) Cod4-perk-bombsquad
Allows you to see enemy explosive devices with a skull icon above them. Underrated, not the best perk for most classes but for stealth it is golden. If you want no chance of being detected, this perk will save you. Plus maybe you’re walking past a building with explosives in it, that’s a key that there’s probably a sniper on the roof. Spray the wall, destroy the claymore, and have at that sniper. You earned your shot, take it.
Unlocked at Level 14, Staff Sargeant 1
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All Information about cod4 perks (1) Empty
PostSubject: Re: All Information about cod4 perks (1)   All Information about cod4 perks (1) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 21, 2010 12:24 pm

Nice little guides even thought i don't think you wrote it all Wink nice posting them here and if you did I'm sorry.
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All Information about cod4 perks (1)
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