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 X-c0m* 3-1 Slak

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X-c0m* 3-1 Slak Empty
PostSubject: X-c0m* 3-1 Slak   X-c0m* 3-1 Slak Icon_minitimeSat Jul 10, 2010 6:40 am

this is from tour Smile

wich is bad we won in groups

and lost 3-0 at the semi finals :S

X-c0m* 3-1 Slak Shot0010

X-c0m* 3-1 Slak Shot0011

X-c0m* 3-1 Slak Cod4mp10

X-c0m* 3-1 Slak Cod4mp11
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X-c0m* 3-1 Slak
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